Cove Protein Skimmers

OneCove Protein skimmers are made by world Re-known Aquaculture and Hobbyist Leo Chen in Ningbo China. Each Skimmer is made with precision tools and molds. All the Cove products utilize the ultra-high-quality German Made Aquabee pumps.

Each Cove protein skimmer goes through a rigorous quality control inspection and is water tested prior to being packaged to ensure each skimmer meets our strict requirements.  

The I and IS Series skimmers are ultra-space saving designs, but do not sacrifice performance. These Skimmers are designed for Internal Use, such as in a sump or reservoir. 

  • Cove skimmers adopt AquaBee skimmer pumps which feature high air intake and bubble compactness
  • Special air & water input valves avert snail and tiny stones from damaging the needle wheel
  • Water level regulator can be used for precision
  • High efficiency adaptable for all kinds of marine aquariums

Cove Magnetic Scrapers

High quality and efficiency design allows for optimal segregation of organic impurities.
  • Exterior tank magnet brush uses the a groove design for a more comfortable and secure hold
  • Interior tank magnet brush uses ABS engineering plastics with an ultra-thin, low resistance design
  • High-performance magnets support removal of stubborn algae effectively

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