Cove Protein Skimmer I-250


  • Marine and Reef Tanks
  • DC Controlled Protein Skimmer
  • Tiny Footprint and Maximum Performance
  • Completely Disassembles for cleaning
  • German Made Aquabee Pump with superior Warranty
  • Completely Water Tested Then Polished and Boxed for Retail

Heavy Load: 400 Gallons 

Medium Load: 525 Gallons

Light Load: 660 Gallons

Category: SKU: COVE01160


Technical Specs

Body Diameter: 15in

Footprint: 11.2in x 14.4in x 24in

Total Height: 24in

Recommended Water Level: 7-10”

Air Intake: 1600 liter/hr


Pump Information

Aquabee DC UP5000 24V


Warranty Information

1 Year on Pump

1 Year on Skimmer Body